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Friends of the Cedarburg History Museum

Cedarburg History Museum is establishing a “Friends of the Cedarburg History Museum” organization to provide volunteers and docents to assist in the transfer and operation. Interested persons should contact: 

Brook Brown 

(262) 375-3035

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for ways to make worthwhile contributions to your city and pass along its wonderful history to others? The Cedarburg History Museum needs volunteers. Donating your time, interest, and energy can help the Museum in diverse ways to advance understanding of Cedarburg and the surrounding area.

Museum volunteers can positively impact the lives of thousands of people every year, making a significant contribution to our ability to pursue the Museum’s mission. And you can have fun doing it! Anyone interested in sharing their time, knowledge, and enthusiasm is encouraged to contact:


Joel Willems, Director

Phone: 262-377-9620


Volunteer opportunities include acting as a docent/guide, assisting with special events, helping with installation of new exhibits, museum education/outreach, marketing and social media posting.

Internship Opportunities

Internships at the Cedarburg History Museum may be done for

either school credit or to gain experience.

Colleges and high schools may require internships and volunteer hours for on the job training. We will work with you to craft a specific program in your area of interest, much like an independent study. You will get experience in many facets of working in a museum from exhibits, customer experience, visitor enhancement, programming, events and more. This PDF may prove useful to you or your school in making this decision. Working at a museum is more than just studying history so your writing, marketing, graphic design, computer, photography, handicrafts, video editing, and more can all be useful in this environment.

Cedarburg History Museum Volunteer Sign Up Form
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